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How Marketing Can Bring Your Brand Back to the Top

As the Vice President of Marketing for Cadillac, Don Butler leads product planning, marketing, advertising and promotion for General Motors’ luxury brand.  A 30-year industry veteran (he began his career in 1981 while still a student), he initiated the first sponsorship deal for the Survivor reality series in 2001. He also pioneered the use of...

12 Tools to Manage Social Media Like the Pros

For many business owners, becoming more active on social media was a business resolution you made for 2012. We’ve showed you how to approach your social media content and how to use social media to attract new customers. But once you are active on different social media sites, it can be difficult to keep up...

Looking Ahead: Opportunities and Challenges for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Owners

Landing page summary:  This paper outlines the most important issues and opportunities facing small business owners and entrepreneurs in this election year. While it does not delve into policy solutions, the next administration will almost certainly need to address many of them, regardless of who wins the presidency. Full Report (PDF) Research Summary (PDF) read...

Research Publications 2008

Landing page summary:  Each year the Office of Advocacy examines issues relevant to small businesses in the U.S. economy. This report summarizes the publications generated by independent contractors, as well as by staff economists of the Office of Economic Research in 2008.   Office of Economic Research Research Publications 2008 read more
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